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Amateur Plant Breeder’s Handbook

A glossary of 1750 terms useful for the plant breeder. An excellent reference for readers of Return to Resistance.




Amateur Potato Breeder’s Manual

Specific, practical advice for the amateur breeder of potatoes, using the author’s horizontal resistance techniques.




Crop Histories
(third edition, 2013 revision)

Before the development of human culture, our remote, hominid ancestors lived as a wild species. They were a mere component of a natural ecosystem, and just another link in a food chain. Originally, these ancestors of ours were gatherers of plant food, and their total diet was limited to the fruits, seeds, berries, nuts, and various leaves that they could find. Then over time, their intelligence enabled them to increase the carrying capacity of their environment very considerably, first by becoming hunters and meat-eaters, and then through the invention of agriculture. This book details the complex interaction between human development and our crop histories.




Retorno de la Resistencia, El

Fitomejoramiento de los cultivos para reducir la dependencia de plaguicidas. The Spanish translation of Return to Resistance by Felipe Romero (Click for more).




Return to Resistance
(third edition, 2013 revision)

To anyone who is concerned about the environment, it is obvious that all is not well with modern crop husbandry. Pests and diseases are destroying about one fifth of all crop production, despite the use of crop protection chemicals which in some cases has increased nearly tenfold since World War II.

This book uses plain English to clearly explain the science and techniques used to breed crops for pest and disease resistance. Despite being a somewhat complicated and technical topic, any intelligent reader should easily be able to understand the principles involved, and use them for breeding programs of their own.

For those who care about the world food supply, and the pollution of our food and our environment with chemical pesticides, this is what is needed to put things right.




Self-Organising Agro-Ecosystems
(third edition, 2013 revision)

The technical companion volume to Return to Resistance.

This book proposes methods of reducing, even eliminating, the use of insecticides and fungicides from our crops and environment. It seems that this can best be achieved by self-organisation within agro-ecosystems, which can easily be brought about by amateur plant breeders using the methods presented.

This book is intended primarily for universities wishing to initiate student clubs for plant breeding, but it may also be of interest to any scientist involved with crop parasites. A proper understanding of this topic requires an acquaintance with general systems theory, modern complexity theory and, most of all, various concepts of the ecosystem and the pathosystem.