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Raoul and Helier Robinson, identical twins, were and are innovators. Radical innovators, in fact — each in his own field.  Radical innovators are never popular with their contemporary colleagues because their innovations require major changes to the career-paths of these colleagues. As a result the twins have had to resort to self-publication. Their books are available here, as free downloads in electronic format and, in most cases, as modestly priced paperbacks.

The downloadable eBooks are in PDF format.  If you don't already have a PDF reader, you can download a free one here.

Raoul A Robinson is an innovator in plant breeding for resistance to pests and diseases.Raoul, (1928-2014), a plant pathologist, developed methods of breeding crops that never need spraying with pesticides and fungicides.  Using these methods he developed resistant potatoes (white flower potatoes) in Kenya, rust resistant coffee in Ethiopia, and black beans in Mexico.

His books make plant breeding easy to understand, and simple to do, for anyone who is interested in developing new plant varieties that have durable has resistance to pests and diseases.

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Helier Robinson is an innovator in advancing philosophical thought based on the works of the classical thinkers.Helier, a professional philosopher, has developed a philosophical system that denies the current century-old fashion that philosophy should be exclusively analytic — on the grounds that philosophy must harmonise with science, and that science is not exclusively analytic.

He has developed a systematic philosophy that explains many previously-unanswered questions in modern science and the nature of mind, including the workings of consciousness and the human ego.

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